Ours is a truly unique network of professionals from the most elite agencies and institutions in the world.  Businesses looking for an edge can now tap the expertise of individuals who have worked at the highest levels of security clearance and problem-solved in the most critical arenas in the world.

Top performers from the world of secrets, including leaders from the CIA, FBI, KGB and Mossad are now available as never before to educate and train, deliver inspirational talks, and consult on strategic or creative projects.

Welcome to SPYEX.

Doug Patteson
Ex CIA expert on security, intelligence, entertainment

world-class trainers, speakers and consultants

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This 26-year FBI agent & undercover operative was on the front lines, toe-to-toe with some of the worst society has to offer.
Bob Hamer
Ex FBI agent & undercover operative
Expert on crime, undercover investigation, entertainment
This ex CIA intelligence officer and cyber threat expert wrote one of Working Mother’s Best Books of 2021.
Christina Hillsberg
Ex CIA intelligence officer
Expert on women in espionage, intelligence tradecraft, parenting
This 28-year veteran of CIA’s clandestine service & security expert retired in 2018 with a rank equivalent to a three-star general.
Darrell Blocker
Ex CIA officer & station chief
Expert on security, risk, crisis management, diversity & inclusion, entertainment
This 34-year veteran of CIA’s clandestine service teaches leadership skills rooted in CIA practices.
Douglas London
Ex CIA officer & station chief
Expert on intelligence, national security, leadership
This ex CIA officer, NSA analyst, cybersecurity pro, and hacker is also an activist for LGBT+ inclusion.
Emily Crose
Ex CIA, NSA & INSCOM infosec specialist
Expert on tech, cybersecurity, industrial infrastructure, counter-extremism, government transparency
This journalist, author and military affairs commentator was part of Mossad's daring covert effort, "Operation Brothers."
Gad Shimron
Ex Mossad agent & Maariv foreign news editor
Expert on intelligence, counterintelligence, political issues, security, counterterrorism
This CIA senior analyst, author, professor, and corporate trainer is an expert on avoiding cognitive biases.
Gina Bennett
Ex CIA senior analyst & advisor
Expert on cognitive bias, gender equality, intelligence
This seasoned insider threat and investigation expert was named “Most Influential in Security” by Security Magazine.
JT Mendoza
Ex DIA chief & AFOSI special agent
Expert on security, counterintelligence, risk management, travel risk, investigation
This retired FBI supervisory special agent & profiler, is an author, producer, and host of multiple TV and podcast shows.
Jim Clemente
Ex FBI special agent & profiler
Expert on profiling, crime, investigation, deception, entertainment
This former head of CIA University currently helps the CIA develop its world-class workforce & leads employee wellness programs.
John Guyant
Ex CIA chief learning officer
Expert on change management, executive leadership, corporate learning
Since retirement, this former CIA senior officer has developed training for the intelligence community and Special Operations forces.
John R. Seeger
Ex CIA division chief of operations
Expert on counterintelligence, insider threats, counterterrorism, unit leadership
This 28-year member of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service served multiple overseas tours as station chief.
John Sipher
Ex CIA senior officer & station chief
Expert on intelligence, security, foreign policy, social media
This master of public narrative management was honored by the State Department for constructive dissent.
Joshua Polacheck
Ex DoS diplomat and public affairs specialist
Expert on media management, public narratives, crisis and change management
This master of deception detection, body language & rapport development was an interrogator after 9/11 at GTMO.
Lena Sisco
Ex DoD interrogator & Naval intel officer
Expert on interviewing, deception, leadership, change management, entertainment
This highly decorated ex CIA officer teaches nine core, compelling principles on effective leadership that are immediately actionable.
Marc Polymeropoulos
Ex CIA intelligence service officer
Expert on leadership, counterterrorism, foreign policy, intelligence
This former U.S. Special Ops and CIA pro fuses counterintelligence methods with tech to solve big problems
Nic McKinley
Ex CIA officer & USAF pararescueman
Expert on leadership, intelligence, conflict resolution, human trafficking
This former head of the FBI Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program is a sought after trainer and published author.
Robin Dreeke
Ex FBI special agent & behavioral specialist
Expert on behavioral analysis, counterintelligence, communications, and leadership
This homeland security expert has deep expertise in issues around crime, narcotics and computer forensics.
Rosanna Minchew
Ex CIA directorate of operations
Expert on spy recruitment, human intelligence, crime, security, computer forensics, youth
This Ex CIA operations officer has decades of experience with insider threats, corporate security, and espionage.
Ryan Hillsberg
Ex CIA operations officer
Expert on corporate security, insider threat, espionage, executive recruiting, parenting
This former CIA officer is a deeply experienced emergency preparedness expert and a published author.
Sarah Carlson
Ex CIA officer & DIA analyst
Expert on emergency preparedness, counterterrorism, Middle East
This decorated Clandestine Services officer and insider threat expert now helps protect global corporations.
Shawnee Delaney
Ex DIA clandestine ops officer
Expert on cybersecurity, insider threat program development, surveillance, investigation
This former chef infiltrated North Korea’s secret weapons production and drug manufacturing program for ten years.
Ulrich Larsen
Ex mole undercover in North Korea
Expert on intelligence, espionage, collaboration, political issues, crime
This former CIA officer has written two satires about the CIA, and she once covered intel and national security issues as a journalist.
Alex Finley
Ex CIA officer
Expert on Russian intelligence and influence, disinformation, counterterrorism
This former head of training for the BBC College of Journalism has authored seven espionage novels.
Alex Gerlis
Ex BBC College of Journalism head of training
Expert on espionage & WWII
This security pro's interview and interrogation know-how is a fascinating aspect of his investigative and analytical expertise.
Alvin Acain
Intelligence analyst & security consultant
Expert on interview & interrogation techniques, fraud detection, loss mitigation
This 28-year Mossad veteran and Operations expert is best-known for activities around “Operation Finale: The Story of Eichmann's Capture and Trial."
Avner Avraham
Ex Mossad lieutenant colonel
Expert on Mossad operations, Israeli law enforcement, entertainment
This two-time CIA station chief is an accomplished author, producer and photographer.
Barry Broman
Ex CIA clandestine officer & DoS diplomat
Expert on Southeast Asian affairs, military, espionage, entertainment
This classified trainer uses tactics and practices utilized throughout his career to help companies survive and thrive on the business battlefield.
Bob Dougherty
Ex CIA undercover officer & trainer
Expert on using intel-based solutions in the private sector
This cyber intelligence pioneer was the former director of intelligence in the first Department of Defense cybersecurity organization.
Bob Gourley
Ex DIA chief technology officer
Expert on cybersecurity, risk assessment & management, AI artificial intelligence
This best-selling author was a double agent for the liberation struggle, assisting Nelson Mandela’s spy unit in toppling South Africa’s apartheid regime.
Bradley Steyn
Ex double agent & Nelson Mandela spy
Expert on risk mitigation, operational support, South Africa, racial injustice
This global security exec is a former FBI counterterrorism expert & interrogation instructor.
Brig Barker
Ex FBI counterterrorism interrogation instructor
Expert on global security, counterterrorism, interrogation, Middle East
This undercover reporter spent over a year gathering intel within one of the UK's most notorious detention centres, wearing a secret camera for three months.
Callum Tulley
BAFTA-winning undercover filmmaker
Expert on secret surveillance, undercover reporting, rapport building, entertainment
This archaeologist-turned-CIA operative received the CIA's Intelligence Star after a risky mission.
Christopher Turner
Ex CIA operations officer & senior instructor
Expert on and instructor of tradecraft and leadership
Retired as vice commander of the team overseeing USAF intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance flying assets.
Col. Adelbert “Buz” Carpenter
Ex USAF combat & instructor pilot
Expert on aviation, STEM education, intelligence, military
This seasoned expert on national security issues, successful leadership and cybersecurity was three-time CIA station chief.
Daniel Hoffman
Ex CIA senior officer & station chief
Expert on leadership, cybersecurity, intelligence, security
This former undercover program coordinator brings a unique perspective to risk assessment and mitigation strategies for corporations.
Dennis Franks
Ex FBI undercover program coordinator
Expert on investigation, crime, security, fraud, entertainment
This security, intel and entertainment consultant also specializes in the history of intelligence collection.
Doug Patteson
Ex CIA operations officer
Expert on security, intelligence, firearms, hostage advocacy, entertainment
This former Ops officer with a rank equivalent to military general was the chief of operations at the CTC on 9/11.
Enrique "Ric" Prado
Ex CIA ops officer & CTC chief of ops
Expert on paramilitary, counterterrorism, special / clandestine operations
This former FBI operative was instrumental in capturing notorious spy, Robert Hanssen.
Eric O'Neill
Ex FBI counterintelligence operative
Expert on cybersecurity, technology, security
This author, speaker & Cold War historian lectures internationally and is a frequent media contributor.
Francis Gary Powers Jr.
Founder, Cold War Museum
Expert on the Cold War, aviation, the U-2 incident, entertainment
This recipient of CIA's Trailblazer Award was key to the disruption of the most dangerous nuclear weapons network in history.
James Lawler
Ex CIA senior officer
Expert on insider threats, WMDs, counterintelligence, security
This former Green Beret has trained thousands in areas that translate into business results.
Jeff Miller
Ex U.S Army Special Forces and intelligence operative
Expert on security, intelligence, deception, The Cold War
This SPYEX consultant facilitated a multi-million dollar settlement between a US-based client and a foreign government.
Joseph Assad
Ex counterterrorism official
Expert on security, negotiating, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, human rights
This former U.S. DOS medical officer & psychiatrist has provided mental health support to 60,000 U.S. diplomats and family members.
Kenneth Dekleva
Ex DoS medical officer & psychiatrist
Expert on leadership analysis, mental health, psychiatry-medicine integration
A sought-after cybersecurity expert, this non-fiction and fiction writer is also an inductee to the Martial Arts Masters' Hall of Fame.
Kevin McDonald
Cybersecurity & systems management leader
Expert on enterprise tech, security, cyber fraud, martial arts
This military historian and public speaker is the bestselling author of three exceptional nonfiction espionage thrillers.
Larry Loftis
WWII historian & author
Expert on espionage, military, WWII, female spies
This former CIA operative and author brings decades of experience to her speaking and consulting expertise.
Lindsay Moran
Ex CIA operations officer
Expert on covert operations, intelligence, and disinformation
Matt specializes in cybersecurity, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure protection, intelligence, and risk management issues.
Matt Devost
Renowned hacker & cybersecurity leader
Expert on red teaming, threat intelligence, global risk management
This security consultant held leadership positions US Army within the 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Mission Unit.
Michael Murray
Ex US Army special mission unit leader
Expert on cybersecurity, military, weapons, combat
This former undercover officer brings a unique perspective to performance improvement strategies and business development optimization.
Michele Rigby Assad
Ex CIA undercover officer
Expert on terrorism, sales, vetting, and inspiring audiences
A vocal critic of the war on drugs, this former UK police officer and Special Ops trainer spent 15 years as an undercover operative in the drug squad.
Neil Woods
Ex UK Police undercover drugs operative
Expert on investigation, drug crimes, entertainment
This naval, aviation and intel expert has written or co-authored more than 50 published books.
Norman Polmar
Naval, aviation, and tech specialist
Expert on cybersecurity, maritime issues, Soviet / Russian Navy, aerospace
This former CIA officer shares lessons learned from breaching security of target organizations overseas for over two decades.
Peter Warmka
Ex CIA undercover officer
Expert on cybersecurity, social media, social engineering, human hacking
This counterterrorism & foreign intelligence expert was a CIA analyst and a briefer for CIA Director, George Tenet.
Rodney Faraon
Ex CIA analyst & briefer to the Director
Expert on security, foreign policy, risk, politics, China, entertainment
This 23-year CIA veteran was a leader in both the Directorate of Operations and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Department.
Rolf Mowatt-Larssen
Ex CIA officer & DOE director of intel
Expert on WMDs, military, counterintelligence, espionage
An undercover, clandestine operations officer for 24 years, the CIA permitted her to roll back her cover in 2020.
Sonya Seunghye Lim
Ex CIA station chief & undercover officer
Expert on undercover operations, collaboration, problem-solving, transnational issues
This seasoned Intelligence & security advisor held leadership positions at the FBI, CIA and the EPA.
Timothy Patrick Gill Sr.
Ex FBI senior officer & CIA deputy chief
Expert on risk, insider threats, behavioral analysis, cybersecurity, social media
This best-selling author was the Washington Bureau Chief of the Sunday Times of London.
Toby Harnden
Orwell Prize-winning author and ex foreign correspondent
Expert on war reporting, CIA operations after 9/11, and thriving under pressure
This ex FBI special agent was also an officer of CIA's Counterterrorism Center Weapons of Mass Destruction Group.
Tracy Walder
Ex CIA officer & FBI special agent
Expert on WMDs, security, foreign policy, counterintelligence
This BBC journalist is an acclaimed author and expert in Russian intelligence, the Cold War and CIA covert action.
Trevor Barnes
BBC journalist, intelligence historian
Expert on espionage, covert action, KGB, Russia, Cold War, media compliance
Tyler has worked on many high-profile cases, including those of rapper Meek Mill and Serial’s Adnan Syed.
Tyler Maroney
Private investigator, journalist
Expert on corporate intelligence, investigation, entertainment

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"For many of our attendees, Eric's presentation was the highlight. He was engaging, animated, charming and able to extract important and relevant business lessons from his experience with the FBI. I'd recommend him as a speaker at any corporate event."
John Fuller
President & CEO, Johnny Rockets
Ex FBI counterintelligence operative, Eric O'Neill
"One of the most highly decorated CIA field operations officers of his generation... if people knew the work he has done in the shadows of the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, they would sleep easier at night."
Michael Morell
Former Acting Director, CIA
on Ex CIA intelligence service officer, Marc Polymeropoulos
"Bob is a dynamic, humorous individual and kept the audience spellbound...try to do everything you can to meet this exceptional man and hear his fantastic stories."
Lois Glab
Chairman, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Docent Association
on Ex FBI special agent and undercover operative, Bob Hamer
"Bradley's fascinating stories, actionable lessons and unique perspective captivate, motivate and inspire audiences."
Bob Dougherty
Former undercover operations officer & instructor, CIA
on Ex double agent and former member of Nelson Mandela's spy unit, Bradley Steyn
"Tyler is a charismatic presenter whose talents lie not only in his grasp of hard-to-find facts, but his creative analysis and compelling storytelling. What is more, his audiences take away a lesson learned, something to apply to their own lives."
Barry Scheck
Lawyer & Co-Founder, The Innocence Project
on author & private investigator, Tyler Maroney
"I would recommend Michele as a speaker for any executive event, thought leadership session, female empowerment, leadership, etc. She truly is a catalyzer of incredible content and debate — her content is simply eye opening."
Alice Grasset
Head of Marketing, Israel and Emerging Markets, Salesforce
on Ex CIA undercover officer, Michele Rigby Assad