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Rely on these intel and investigative pros to develop authentic, gripping stories for film, television, literature, and podcasts.
This best-selling author was the Washington Bureau Chief of the Sunday Times of London.
Toby Harnden
Orwell Prize-winning author and ex foreign correspondent
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"For many of our attendees, Eric's presentation was the highlight. He was engaging, animated, charming and able to extract important and relevant business lessons from his experience with the FBI. I'd recommend him as a speaker at any corporate event."
John Fuller
President & CEO, Johnny Rockets
Ex FBI counterintelligence operative, Eric O'Neill
"One of the most highly decorated CIA field operations officers of his generation... if people knew the work he has done in the shadows of the Middle East, Europe, and Russia, they would sleep easier at night."
Michael Morell
Former Acting Director, CIA
on Ex CIA intelligence service officer, Marc Polymeropoulos
"Bob is a dynamic, humorous individual and kept the audience spellbound...try to do everything you can to meet this exceptional man and hear his fantastic stories."
Lois Glab
Chairman, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Docent Association
on Ex FBI special agent and undercover operative, Bob Hamer
"Bradley's fascinating stories, actionable lessons and unique perspective captivate, motivate and inspire audiences."
Bob Dougherty
Former undercover operations officer & instructor, CIA
on Ex double agent and former member of Nelson Mandela's spy unit, Bradley Steyn
"Tyler is a charismatic presenter whose talents lie not only in his grasp of hard-to-find facts, but his creative analysis and compelling storytelling. What is more, his audiences take away a lesson learned, something to apply to their own lives."
Barry Scheck
Lawyer & Co-Founder, The Innocence Project
on author & private investigator, Tyler Maroney
"I would recommend Michele as a speaker for any executive event, thought leadership session, female empowerment, leadership, etc. She truly is a catalyzer of incredible content and debate — her content is simply eye opening."
Alice Grasset
Head of Marketing, Israel and Emerging Markets, Salesforce
on Ex CIA undercover officer, Michele Rigby Assad